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The Best Form Of Non-Lethal Defense

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Technology has caused stun guns to evolve. They are now capable of generating a lot of power that can incapacitate large men for up to 30 minutes. Even though they are more powerful compared to models in the past, modern stun guns are easier to conceal. If you are looking for a non-lethal form of protection, you might want to buy stun gun. They are cheaper than most firearms. So what are the benefits of these non-lethal weapons? Perhaps the most important benefit is the ability of non-lethal forms of defense to keep you out of the courthouse. With a gun, you might end up facing charges if someone dies as a result of using the gun to defend yourself. There is usually going to be more pressure on the prosecutor to review a case involving a homicide. Political pressure also may be a motivation behind charges.


When you buy stun gun, you don't have to worry about a loved one gaining access to the weapon and causing severe injury or death. Gun accidents happen every day in this country. Even gun owners who take precautions have been known to fall victim to gun accidents. Special training is needed if you decide to carry a firearm. There is no need for special training if you decide to carry a stun gun. You can start carrying it for protection the minute you leave the store.

Some stun guns are made to look like cell phones. People won't even know that you are carrying a weapon, so they won't be alarmed when they see it. With a gun, it's easy to cause people to be alarmed even if you aren't purposely trying to scare people. A gun can be flashed by accident if your holster becomes visible.


As far as defense is concerned, understand that you can be nervous when it is time to defend yourself. Being nervous can even cause a well-trained person to be inaccurate. With a stun gun, you don't have to be particularly accurate. The ability of a stun gun to work even when you are nervous just might save you from great harm one day.

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